About Us

Blue recycling bins

We're BinBettr, your trusted trash service partner.

Our highly-regarded weekly trash bin service began in Charlotte, NC in 2023, quickly becoming a must have for the city’s biggest short-term rental companies.

Since then, we’ve gained a following with our one-on-one approach to each customer, our dedication to getting it right every time, and our “what else can we do for you” attitude. We’ve evolved to expand our trash services as we work to bring BinBettr to new areas, forge long-lasting partnerships, and save our customers time, money, and stress.

Our Team

Gabe Melmed


Hailing from Maine and now residing in Charlotte, Gabe has worked with 3 successful start-ups and brings several years of logistics and operations experience along with a passion for building great teams.

Fun Fact: Gabe was 6 years old and was asked “what is your dream job?”. Answer: A garbage man 

Alex Leithiser


Originally from Maine and now a proud North Carolinian, Alex has almost 10 years of experience in the tech and finance industries, previously working at Uber and two of America’s largest banks. Alex is a lover of side hustles and the great outdoors, and has a passion for trashin’.

Fun Fact: Alex was a garbage man for Halloween when he was 4 years old